Arc Flash & Low Voltage Safety Training

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Why Should Your Team Do Arc Flash & Low Voltage Training?

No One Should Be Unsure When Working On Electrical Equipment


Employees should be aware of low voltage arc flash electrical hazards at their facility. Low voltage does not mean low hazard!

Just because employees received technical training to work on the equipment does not mean that they know all the electrical safety hazards.

With a hazard this high you can't afford to be unsure whether your team understands the risks. That’s why we’ve developed our arc flash & low voltage safety training courses which are designed for engineers, millwrights, technicians, and for low voltage electricians.

With over 1,000 professionals having received our electrical safety arc flash training we believe your team would also benefit from this course.

This low voltage electrical safety training course is available online, so your team can join from around the globe!  Low voltage training cost will depend on a few different factors, please contact us for more details.

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Arc flash and low voltage training

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Arc Flash & Low Voltage Course Objectives

As with any type of arc flash hazard awareness training you want to make sure that the course objectives match your operational needs.

Below is an overview of what will be covered in our arc flash and low voltage safety training course:

  • Effects of shock & arc flash on the body 
  • Performing risk assessment during electrical tasks 
  • Applications of regulations and standards 
  • Electrical worker responsibilities 
  • Understanding approach boundaries and setting up the safe work zone 
  • Establishing an electrically safe work condition 
  • Energized work
  • Emergency response
  • PPE selection

Regular arc flash & low voltage safety training will help give your low voltage electricians & technicians a better understanding of the hazards they face every day which will make them feel more confident.

Understanding the Arc Flash & Low Voltage Hazards

So why are arc flash classes important for your low voltage staff? It could just help save their life!

Arc flash hazard training will help your team in identifying what their daily risks may be as well as choosing appropriate person protective equipment. 

Electrical safety standards discussed will also depend on location such as CSA Z462 in Canada and NFPA 70e arc flash training for the USA.

Arc Flash Training Certification

Once your team completes the training course, they will receive an arc flash & low voltage course certificate. This arc flash & low voltage certification training will be valid as per the standard for 3 years until retraining is required.

Low voltage electrical training renewal according to the standard calls for retraining at intervals that do not exceed 3 years… but there are certain things that could warrant retraining sooner than this. These are as follows:

  • the supervisor finds that the worker(s) are not complying with the training;
  • you’ve installed new technology or equipment that the worker(s) are unfamiliar with;
  • the worker(s) haven’t completed that particular task in more than a year;
  • the worker(s) are required to do something they are unfamiliar with; and
  • the worker(s) are asked to do a new job they haven’t done before.

We offer the low voltage safety training course online! Offering online low-voltage electrical safety training has been able to connect so many teams to our unique training from all around the world. Check out the schedule below and book your seat today.


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Low voltage electrical training renewal according to the standard calls for retraining at intervals that do not exceed 3 years

Anyone working under 750v’s would also fit into this category. Examples would be low voltage technicians, electricians & millwrights who should attend this type of training.

An arc flash program is a bigger scope document, it would include an arc flash study, training program and procedures related to the arc flash hazard. More info here.

Knowing when you are at risk but also what the risk is are the two key factors to arc flash hazard awareness. An arc flash study will help to pinpoint the exact hazard which combined with training can be applied practically.

The term low voltage in NFPA 70E refers to electrical equipment or systems that operate at a nominal voltage of 1000 volts or less.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not specifically define low voltage in its electrical safety standards.

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