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Equipotential grounding versus parallel grounding

If you are an electrician working with high voltage equipment (anything rated more than 750 volts) then you should really understand the concept of equipotential grounding and how it differs from parallel grounding. I'll be using 3-phase high lines with a neutral as an example because it's easier to visualize, but once you've got the concept the same theory can be applied when working with high voltage metal-enclosed switchgear as well.

blog author iconJon Travis
date icon 2021 / 11 / 12
blog views icon 4267
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Top 5 Topics for Electrical Safety Training

When trying to decide what electrical safety training is right for you or your crew, first make sure you know what is going to be covered during the training session. If you are looking at a one-day training and trying to just hit the basics, then these are the top 5 items I recommend you make sure are included.

blog author iconJon Travis
date icon 2021 / 10 / 14
blog views icon 1627
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Elements of an Energized Electrical Work Permit

Last week we discussed why and when you would need to use an energized work permit.
Ok. So now that you’ve come to this point and decided you do in fact need an energized work permit how do you do one? And what are the key element of the permit? This is what we are going to discuss today. There are really three main sections that the permit should have, the request, the job analysis, and the approvals. Let’s go through each one in more detail.

blog author iconJon Travis
date icon 2020 / 01 / 03
blog views icon 5914
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