Electrical Hazard Awareness Training

Provide your team with the confidence they need when working near electrical equipment.



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Why Should Your Team Know The Electrical Safety Hazards?

No One Should Be Unsure When Working Around Electricity


Employees should be aware of the electrical hazards at their facility.

Just because employees don't work on the equipment directly does not mean that they can't get hurt around it.

With a hazard this high you can't afford to be unsure whether or not your team understands the risks.

Electrical hazard awareness training will provide your general maintenance team with a good understanding of the main electrical hazards they face daily.

Designed for operators, mechanics, and general maintenance workers the electrical awareness training will help improve your team’s general awareness of electrical safety.

This course is available online, so your team can join from around the globe!  Electrical hazard awareness training cost will depend on a few different factors, please contact us for more details.

Electrical safety and hazard awareness training

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Electrical Safety & Hazard Awareness Course Objectives

As with any electrical awareness course you want to make sure that the course objectives match your operational needs.

Below is an overview of what will be covered in our general electrical hazard awareness class:

  • Introduction to the hazards (shock & arc flash)
  • How and when you are exposed
  • Review of regulations and standards
  • Employee responsibilities
  • How to stay at a safe distance

Regular electrical safety awareness training will help give your team a better understanding of the hazards they face every day which will make them feel more confident.

Understanding the Electrical Hazards

So why is this training important for your maintenance staff? Even if your general maintenance team is not directly working with electricity it is still important to have a general understanding of the electrical hazard and safety requirements.


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Electrical hazard awareness training can vary on what is covered so it is a good idea to ask for an outline before deciding which course to choose, we believe an instructor led course with the following outline is a great start for basic electrical safety training.

  • Introduction to the hazards (shock & arc flash)
  • How and when you are exposed
  • Review of regulations and standards
  • Employee responsibilities
  • How to stay at a safe distance

We recommend keeping the class to a maximum of 20 for this course. Electrical hazards in the workplace can be complicated so keeping the size to 20 helps everyone be able to ask the instructor questions.

Absolutely, our trainers are flexible to help match your team's needs. Since the course fits in a 4hr schedule we can do both a morning and afternoon class for your team.

Yes, we offer per-seat options for our online training. Spread your team out through our monthly sessions so everyone can receive electrical hazard awareness training.

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