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Our audits don't cause you pain, they protect lives, which saves you pain.

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Confidence Confidence Guidance Guidance Clarity Clarity

When is the last time you got a 3rd party to come in and do an electrical safety check? An electrical safety audit can help identify any gaps at your facility and in your current electrical safety program. Our team of electrical safety experts will examine your electrical safety program documentation, records review, perform worker interviews, do walk about observations and provide your team with a complete report after the audit is complete. Electrical safety audit services are completed with all of the latest industry standards such as: NFPA 70E, CSA Z462 – 202, and more!

What Could An Electrical Incident Cost You?

Heavy Fines

Heavy Fines

An electrical incident can result in heavy fines to your organization.

Loss of Sleep

Loss of Sleep

Electrical incidents can happen at any time. Are you losing sleep that your team is not protected?

Jail Time

Jail Time

As a manager or supervisor, you are not immune to the law, in fact, you are the most liable.

Nobody Should Have To Experience A Fatality On Their Watch


Spending time in the same workplace day in and day out will inevitably cause you (or anyone) to grow complacent with certain safety infractions.

Over time this may cause a serious accident or worse.

Our safety experts will be a fresh set of eyes to pick up on these infractions right away.

Once we are done on-site we will prepare an easy-to-read report with everything management will want to see in order to prevent a fatality.


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Leaf Electrical Safety will give a fresh set of eyes on unnoticed safety infractions. Electrical safety audit is a must


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Imperial Manufacturing

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J.D. Irving

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Forestry Industry

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McCain Foods

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What An Electrical Safety Audit Can Do For You?

Detect Deficiencies

Detect Deficiencies

Our electrical safety expert will be a fresh set of eyes and will detect deficiencies for your team.

Show Due Diligence

Show Due Diligence

A third-party electrical safety audit shows extra due diligence from your organization.

Reduce Your Liability

Reduce Your Liability

Safety audits will shine a light on those things required to reduce your liability.

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Schedule An Audit

Get in touch and we'll schedule an audit that works with your needs.


Uncover Your Risks

Have a fresh set of eyes to uncover potential risks and hazards.


Enjoy Peace of Mind

Once your audit is complete, you'll be able to sleep comfortably.

What's So Special About Our Electrical Audit Process?

Most companies are unaware of their potential for an electrical incident. Whether it's harm to people or equipment damage, the implications can be devastating.

We believe you have a right to know exactly where your exposures are and have a practical way to remedy them.

That's why we came up with an audit process that for one, is not intimidating, and two helps you take actionable steps towards improving your situation.

Our auditors are friendly and their reports are concise, easy to understand, and full of practical recommendations for Canada and the USA.

Document Review

During the document review, our electrical safety auditors will look at the following: 

  • Electrical Safety Program
  • Lock-out / Tag-out 
  • Regulatory Electrical Annual/ Operating Permit and Electrical Work Logbook
  • QEW qualifications, training matrix and training records
  • Electrical accident / incident reports
  • Corporate HSE Electrical requirements
  • Facility Plot Plan and MCC Room layouts
  • Hazardous Area Classifications prints (if applicable)

Records Review

Our electrical safety expert will be onsite to collect the following information:

  • Electrical equipment maintenance records
  • Completed Job Safety Plans & Job Briefings
  • Completed Safe Work Permits, Energized Electrical Work Permits
  • Completed Hazardous Task Analysis, Risk Analysis

Worker Interviews

Our electrical safety auditor can complete these interviews either remotely or on-site with:

  • HSE 
  • Electrical Supervision (foreman, supervisor, superintendent)
  • Electricians (experienced, apprentice, contractor)
  • Non-Electrical Personnel (Operators, Millwrights, etc.)

Walk about observations

Our electrical safety inspection will be onsite to collect the following information:

  • E-Houses, Switchgear/MCC rooms, 
  • Shops (tool cribs, wash bays, mechanic shops, storage)
  • Offices 
  • Out-Buildings (meter stations, pump building, fire water buildings, cold storage)
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Use of GFCI’s
  • Inspect AR & Shock PPE (cleanliness, storage, testing certification)
  • Inspect any electrical safety tools, and test equipment 

Final Report

Our final report will include our observations, positive findings/observations, and any issues of concern. 

Not Sure If Your Site Needs An Electrical Safety Audit Right Now?

Register now for a limited time to get a FREE Gap Analysis! One of our electrical safety experts will spend some time getting to know your site to see if an Electrical Safety Audit is the best fit for you.


Quite the opposite, completing an audit will help better protect your facility from legal action. We understand that “audits” are sometimes a very sensitive matter, so we are careful not to rock the boat while still creating an atmosphere for self-improvement and success.

Electrical Safety Program Audit – 3 years

Field Work Audit – 1 year

Lockout Program and Procedure Audit – 1 year

Our electrical safety audit is focused primarily on people and the process, procedures and policies they use to stay safe. We will take a tour of your facility to see what you are up against and to get a general idea of the working conditions but we are not inspectors... we are safety auditors. We are focused on your people.

Interviewing your team is the most important part! While it might seem a little scary, it's also your best opportunity to uncover what's really going on in your company. And don't worry, our auditors won't bite… as long as you provide free sandwiches.

The cost of an electrical safety audit depends on a few different factors such as location and size, request a quote today to get a price estimate for your facility!

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