Electrical Safety Training For Your Entire Team

Provide your team with the confidence they need when working on or near electrical equipment.

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Arc Flash & Electrical Safety Training

Arc flash and electrical safety training is essential to any industrial or commercial workplace and making sure your employees understand what they need to do to stay safe is vital.

Unfortunately, many of the training options available today focus too much on the technical and legal side of things. 

Your workforce wants the information that's relevant to their jobs.

That's why we designed all our training courses around the end user first. The person on the tools, in the trenches and on the front line. 

At Leaf Electrical Safety, we believe that electrical safety compliance training should leave you on the edge of the seat wanting more because it will help highlight the hazards your team is facing every day. 

Electrical safety training should also be designed to include different aspects such as stories, videos and scenarios to help participants better understand the hazard is extremely dangerous. Nobody wants to suffer through an endless slideshow. 

We believe no one should feel unsafe when working around electricity, so book a seat today to help provide clarity to your staff.

Is Your Workforce Properly Trained?

Don't Understand the Risks They Face

Don't Understand the Risks They Face

If your team does not understand the risks they are more vulnerable to a chance of serious injury.

Can't Identify the Hazards

Can't Identify the Hazards

If your team can't properly identify the hazards, then how can you expect them to work safely?

Not Sure What Procedures to Use

Not Sure What Procedures to Use

If your team is not sure when to use certain procedures, it creates confusion which can result in accidents.

Browse Our Electrical Safety Training Courses

Electrical Hazard Awareness Training

Best course for operators, mechanics, and general maintenance workers.



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Arc Flash & Low Voltage Safety Training

Best course for millwrights, technicians, and low voltage electricians.



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Arc Flash & High Voltage Safety Training

Best course for industrial and maintenance electricians.


8hrs x 2 days

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Getting The Right Training For Your Team Shouldn't Be Hard

Flexible Schedules

Flexible Schedules

Your team's time is valuable. Our hours are flexible to fit training into your team's schedule.

Live Feedback & Discussion

Live Feedback & Discussion

Our trainers create an environment for live feedback and discussion to help your team fully absorb the information.

Experienced Trainers

Experienced Trainers

Our trainers all have an electrical background. They use personal experiences and stories to help make the content highly engaging.

Schedule Your Team's Training


Schedule a Session

Tell us about your training needs and choose the course that suits your workers' needs.


Increase Your Team's Confidence

Your electrical workers will learn safe work practices.


Enjoy A Safer Workplace

Feel great knowing you made a difference in their lives.

Join Hundreds Of Teams Who Have Enjoyed Our Practical Training Approach

Tom C.

“A good mix of instruction & discussion, always on point, relevant material geared to the particular audience.”

Derek P.

“Extremely thorough and knowledgeable when it came to the course material, as well as any questions the attendees had.”

Judy R.

“Very knowledgeable and positive trainer, will certainly contract again and recommend to others.”

Avery S.

"The presentation and conversations were very informative, the personal experiences that the instructor shared made the entire class feel more like a conversation about safety rather than just another boring PowerPoint.


Energy Industry

Imperial Manufacturing

Imperial Manufacturing

Heating & Cooling Industry

J.D. Irving

J.D. Irving

Forestry Industry

Agropur Cooperative

Agropur Cooperative

Dairy Industry



Forestry Industry

McCain Foods

McCain Foods

Food Industry

How many training sessions or seminars have you been to where you have just waited for the instructor to drive home the point they are trying to make? Having the proper procedures and programs in place is key to ensuring that what is covered in training can translate over to the practical setting.

What Makes Our Electrical Safety Training Stand Out?

Arc flash and electrical safety training courses have become one of the most confusing and convoluted topics in the industry today. And it's completely unnecessary.

Once your workforce learns the concepts, thought process and systems used by our instructors' things will become much clearer.

This means your operations group knows their boundaries.

Your electrical workers will be able to perform critical tasks with confidence.

Your management team will plan appropriately to the risk and, finally, your company will be safer.

Whether you want a basic overview of the hazards, to have an electrical safety refresher course, or learn in-depth safety-related work practices, Leaf Electrical Safety's training will get what you need.

Here's how we do it:

  1. Schedule a session at a convenient time for you.
  2. Have your workforce attend the session and start building their confidence.
  3. Enjoy a safer workplace now that your team is properly trained.

Clear up the confusion by booking your session today.


Who Should Be Taking This Training?

Electrical safety awareness training is great for everyone in your workplace but realistically only the staff that work around the equipment need to have this type of training.  

Training for electrical operators, mechanics, and general maintenance workers would help improve your team's overall electrical safety education.

Searching for electrical safety training near me no longer restricts you to a local area because easy-to-follow online electrical safety classes are now more accessible than ever.

For each electrical safety course completed your team will receive an electrical safety certificate.

Not Sure Which Course Best Fits Your Team?

Download our Training Guide to help find the course that will best suit your team.


By reviewing the safety-related work practices outlined in the codes, standards, and regulations, an employee will be able to recognize hazardous situations and then decide how to work safely.

Here at Leaf Electrical Safety we offer an array of electrical safety training solutions. We have virtual courses running on a regular basis and we will also come to you. Fill out the contact us form to see what will work for you.

We’ve designed three core courses to tackle this issue. Not everyone needs the same information when it comes to electrical safety. Our courses span from basic hazard awareness to becoming a qualified electrical worker and learning about high voltage.

Electrical contractors are in a unique situation when it comes to electrical safety. Typically, they are at a different location every day. This means that they need to understand the fundamentals of electrical safety and how it applies in various situations.

We recommend keeping the group size to a maximum of 15 so everyone can have a chance to ask questions.

We use Microsoft Teams to connect with participants in our virtual sessions. Other platforms are available upon request.

Please contact us for availability as it is constantly changing.

Absolutely! All participants receive a certificate of completion after the training.

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